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Gotta Try This

Two Words:

Teen Activity

Tim Lytle [01/26/06 15:04:42] | 9 Comments | Point

No Comment

Hey, at the risk of stirring this up again, anyone notice that there's no comments on phreak's blog?

Well, for all you downtrodden readers, your comments are always welcomed here - it's not just a facade at this blog.

Tim Lytle [01/26/06 11:34:21] | 23 Comments | Point

Portable Apps

Don't just use that USB drive for your files, stick your favorite apps on there too. (Thanks Langa List for this.) has versions of Open Office, Thunderbird, Firefox, Sunbird, and more that run right from a USB device.

Or read Fred's article about porting Bart's bootable XP image to a USB disk.

Cool? Very.

Tim Lytle [01/26/06 11:26:08] | 1 Comment | Point

Mouthing Off


I'd like to play with one of these too.

Tim Lytle [01/22/06 13:49:31] | 0 Comments | Point

Blender Motion


I was wondering if you could somehow have a blender camera follow the same path as a real life camera. In other words, make a blender scene mesh with video footage.

Yes, it is possible.

This could be something I should learn more about.

Tim Lytle [01/22/06 02:54:36] | 1 Comment | Point

Sounds Nice

Just put this on my wish list. Wow this sound font collection sound good.

After you listen to a few demos, watch the demo video. After a while he stops talking and starts playing. Very cool.

Oh, and I need to get me a MIDI wheel thingy too. Anyone know where to find one?

[UPDATE: E-MU makes a nice little keyboard with wheels knobs and buttons.]

Tim Lytle [01/22/06 01:23:41] | 1 Comment | Point

I Let 'em Go

I let George go today.


Tim Lytle [01/21/06 18:32:20] | 0 Comments | Point

Going Postal

Coming soon...a rant about the USPS.

Tim Lytle [01/20/06 13:21:20] | 0 Comments | Point

George Was Here

My life has new meaning.

I was looking through my wallet this evening, and found a dollar bill. Strange, I know. It's ususally empty. But this dollar bill had 'please enter my serial number at' written in the margin, along with 'currency tracking study'.

I feal special.

Here's where my bill has been.

(sigh) Maybe tomorrow I'll let the little thing go again. It's just time for it to move on I guess. (sniffle)

Tim Lytle [01/18/06 23:38:35] | 0 Comments | Point

New Year

Hey, life is busy - but good. Hope ya'll have'n a nice new year. Hope to have some new stuff to play with online in the next few weeks.

Tim Lytle [01/06/06 23:31:17] | 0 Comments | Point