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Home, Away From Home

Just got Hamachi working on my home linux box - which serves up all my documents as smb shares. 'tis nice, now I can get to them all no matter where I am.

Tim Lytle [12/24/05 02:39:50] | 1 Comment | Point


Was at GRC today and ran across Hamachi. Looks pretty cool - I'm listening to Gibson talk about Hamachi right now.

Check it out.

Tim Lytle [12/22/05 18:19:24] | 0 Comments | Point

Got Malled

Spent a few hours singing songs from the CD at a mall in Pottsville (not sure where that is? that's okay). Mostly sang in the center area of the mall - but a couple of stores invited us in too.

In a few hours we'll be at Haven Baptist's Christmas dinner, then it's back home to get some sleep, maybe work on AO, and tomorrow get ready to do the cantata again.


And next week is looking pretty busy too. I'm sure it'll go pretty fast.

But the week after - now that's what I'm waiting for.


Tim Lytle [12/17/05 14:45:35] | 11 Comments | Point

Now Hear This

For those wanting to podcast - and who don't have the software tools, or who are looking for an all-in-one program to simplfy their work flow - propaganda looks pretty nice.

Tim Lytle [12/01/05 14:41:35] | 0 Comments | Point

RAM Is Cool

Tried out the DVD-RAM functions of my tablet's optical drive today. Not as fast as a hard drive to hard drive copy, but still pretty nice.

And the DVDs look really really cool.

Tim Lytle [12/01/05 12:25:53] | 2 Comments | Point

And For My Next Trick

Well, looks like harry won the domain name contest with:
I also really liked:
So congratulations harry - you get yourself a free CD.

For everyone still wanting a free CD (or two free CDs), here's how you can get one. Get me 10 (that's not even a dozen folks) cups from Wendys - the ones with the AirTran offer on the side - and you'll get yourself a free CD.

Wow, I am pathetic aren't I. (sigh) What I won't do just to publicize the CD.

Tim Lytle [12/01/05 00:48:30] | 19 Comments | Point

A Name By Any Other...

I letting the 'pick a domain' contest run 'till December, then I'll pick the 'winning' domain.

So try to win a free CD.

Tim Lytle [11/22/05 00:00:27] | 0 Comments | Point

Power, Muwhahah

Wow, Tablet PC power toys are so cool.

Wish I had one.

Oh, wait...

Tim Lytle [11/19/05 23:19:29] | 5 Comments | Point

What's In A Name

Looking for a good creation/intelligent design domain name. Things like are already taken.

Any ideas?

I'll give a copy of "Come & Worship" to whoever comes up with the name that I choose.

Tim Lytle [11/15/05 00:10:04] | 8 Comments | Point

Gabe Can Stop Now

Yeah, Gabe's been checking back here every day, looking for the sample audio.

He can stop now.

(Now go blog about it or something.)

Tim Lytle [11/15/05 00:03:18] | 3 Comments | Point