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A Name By Any Other...

I letting the 'pick a domain' contest run 'till December, then I'll pick the 'winning' domain.

So try to win a free CD.

Tim Lytle [11/22/05 00:00:27] | 0 Comments | Point

Power, Muwhahah

Wow, Tablet PC power toys are so cool.

Wish I had one.

Oh, wait...

Tim Lytle [11/19/05 23:19:29] | 5 Comments | Point

What's In A Name

Looking for a good creation/intelligent design domain name. Things like are already taken.

Any ideas?

I'll give a copy of "Come & Worship" to whoever comes up with the name that I choose.

Tim Lytle [11/15/05 00:10:04] | 8 Comments | Point

Gabe Can Stop Now

Yeah, Gabe's been checking back here every day, looking for the sample audio.

He can stop now.

(Now go blog about it or something.)

Tim Lytle [11/15/05 00:03:18] | 3 Comments | Point

A Bit Busy

Well, Gabe beat me to the puch. Want to know what we've been busy working on? He spilled the beans.

But I have the audio. Sample soon.

[UPDATE: Yes, sample audio and artwork from the CD design will be up soon. I hope.]

Tim Lytle [11/05/05 23:42:29] | 2 Comments | Point