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Delay Rudy

If you're interested in future (or even current) politics - even if youre not part of the '08 basement - you should read Rosenberg's latest post, " DINNER WITH TOM DELAY AND RUDY GIULIANI -- THE GOP'S PAST, AND ITS FUTURE?".

Here's some quotes to get you interested:

As you would expect, Mayor Giuliani, RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman and GOP operative Ralph Reed were among those giving DeLay his standing O. But also standing were Sen. Joe Lieberman, the once and possibly future Democratic presidential candidate, and his lovely wife, Hadassah.
Giuliani got his first big laugh of the night by saying, "I never ever thought Tom DeLay would refer to me as a man to his right. I think I might be able to make use of that some day."

Which brings us back to Giuliani. Last night was my first opportunity to see him up close and personal, to shake his hand and take his measure and see him operate in front of such a conservative crowd. There was no question in my mind: he's running for president, and right now I believe he very well could win the GOP nomination in '08.

I'm not endorsing him, mind you. I have serious problems with his pro-abortion and pro-gay rights positions, to say nothing of his messy divorce in office after having an affair with a staffer. But I can't tell you how many conservatives I talked to last night that said, "Yeah, sure, except for those things he'd be a fantastic president!"

Them's my thoughts too.

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Paint Shop Pro X

Been playing around with PSP X (also knows as 10). Seems pretty nice so far. They updated the look and feel - made it look a bit cleaner and smoother.

It's now a part of Corel, not sure if that's good or bad.

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Who Kerry's Anyway?

Just got John's message on why he ain't voiting for Roberts.

Maybe I'll comment on it later.

[UPDATE: I did.]

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Liars, and the lying lies they...oh, whatever.

Thanks to Harry for the info.

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Just a Computer Mic

Wow, a studio condenser mic with a USB output.

So if you can have up to 256 USB devices...

I'd say it's pretty cool for any podcasters.

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