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The Day After Today

Singing the National Anthem at a AAA ball game tomorrow night. Fun fun.

New arrangment from last time too.

If I get good audio I might just post it.

Update: Visited the Red Baron's site, which I might add looks horrible in firefox, and found that tomorrow is 'polka night'. Oh goodie. Maybe we need to rework that arrangment.

In ohter news, you can listen online, not sure if they broadcast that part though.

Tim Lytle [07/31/05 23:50:04] | 2 Comments | Point

Production Tip

Doing the editing (finally) of the Kid's graduation. Here's a tip for anyone doing NLE (non-linear-editing) - tell your cameramen, "never stop the tape". Then you won't have to synce the tracks 50 times.

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Where Am I?

Hey, Plazes looks pretty cool.

Too bad I'm like always at home.

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My Domain

I should buy a few of Harry's domains. Just for him.

Just not sure what I'd do with 'em.

Tim Lytle [07/29/05 11:38:04] | 5 Comments | Point

Could it be 'cause...

Just fixed the Kid's computer. Just needed to copy over a new ntfs.sys file. Or maybe it was that I ran the recovery console and re-introduced the RAID drivers. Who knows.

Wonder what caused the problem in the first place. Maybe that the top hard drive was touching the bottom one and perhaps shorting something out? Not sure why it wasn't mounted correctly. Thought I woulda done that.

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(no subject)

I should post more. Really, I should.

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Belated 4th

Yeah, I know, a little late. Didn't have as many good shots as last year, I think I had the shutter going to fast, then too slow. But here's a few good ones - enjoy:

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