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But I Took That

I thought I was loosing my touch - went to Walmart to pick up a proof of The Kid's graduation invitations, and they gave them to me without complaining that I needed a release from the photographer.

Ah, but I was wrong. Tried to pay for the photos at the front of the store - turns out they didn't put the price sticker on the envelope. So, I had to go back to the photo center and found out that the reason there was no price sticker was because they needed a release first.


Conversation was something like:

Me: No, I took those photos.

Them: Do you have the negatives?

Me: They're digital.

Them: Can you prove you took them?

Even when asking the question, I could tell she realize how silly it was. How do I prove I took a digital image?


I cringe every time I have to get a photo at Walmart. I feel like a criminal.

You say you took that photo? Yeah? You wanna prove it buster? You can't? See, that's what I figured. Digital you say? Likely story.

Anyway, invitations went out today, and I was told that I did a good job making The Kid look good. Ain't photo editing great?

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Check out this very interesting interview with Terry Moran.

A very insightful look at the legacy media.

Tim Lytle [05/22/05 16:25:55] | 17 Comments | Point

LGF Newsweek

Check out LGF's Newsweek Post - the last line is great.

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Red State

Too bad I didn't think of this first. Very cool Red State Conservative shirt.

Hey, if ya want to get me one for my birthday I wouldn't mind.

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