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'08 Ticket

Both Fox and NBC left the President's speech Thursday for what was unquestionably more important. Paris Hilton - The Simple Life, and Donald Trump - The Apprentice.

That got me thinking - here's a great 2008 ticket: Trump/Hilton. Sure they both represent 'big hotel' - but that's expected from the RNC.

And Paris has that little dog thing. You know every White House needs a little dog thing.

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Class Participation

Working on an AO article about 'modern myths'. Things that are generally accepted as 'true' - but really aren't. Like, 'Conservatives Are Racist' or that an 'Unbiased News Source' exists.

Any ideas? Leave a comment.

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Ahem, Ahem. Looks like my point has been made even clearer. In my feature in issue 7 of AO I made the point that even Terri didn't really have the right to starve herself to death:

Or maybe it's just the hotly debated belief that she didn't want to live this way. Does that even really matter? If a person is rushed to the hospital because of dehydration and lack of nourishment it doesn't really matter whether they want to live or not, the hospital will care for them.

Here's what else is happening with feeding tubes in Judicial State of Florida:

A judge has cleared the way for federal officials to have a feeding tube inserted in a Cuban exile on a hunger strike. The judge, Paul Huck of Federal District Court, agreed Thursday with another judge's order to "involuntarily administer nutrients" to the prisoner, Juan Emilio Aboy, who is accused of spying. He has been held for three years without criminal charges but faces immigration charges. Mr. Aboy, 44, who denies being a spy, has had only water since March 13.
(from the New York Times)

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Look It's Me

Hey, look's like this site is the top hit for Tim Lytle. Just thought I'd let you know.

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Oh, My Bad

A neurologist hired by Michael Schiavo to confirm that his wife Terri was in a persistent vegetative state said he was "105 percent sure" of that diagnosis, but Dr. Ronald Cranford expressed similar certainty about a patient he examined in 1980 who later regained both consciousness and the ability to communicate.

Wow, and why didn't we hear this from Peter Jennings? Brian Williams? Bob Schieffer? Where's that good ol' investigative reporting? Ah, who cares. Does that really matter when judges think they are guaranteed absolute power, and doctors are more interested in defining death then they are saving life.

As far as I'm concerned there is no 'persistent vegetative state'. Who knows what you can't 'recover' from? Am I in a 'persistent non-vegetative state'? Of course not, my 'state' could change - so why couldn't Terri's? Just cause some doctor thinks it impossible? Give me a break, like the medical field hasn't ever seem something that 'can't be cured' eventually become 'curable'.

So Terri could have potentially recovered. Well, we'll never know what the potential was, because just like millions of babies, we'll never realize the full potential of Terri.

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Where Are We?

There is nothing in Connecticut. No really, nothing. At least not were I am. No Walmarts. No malls. No normal restaurants. I can't even find a post office.

'course there are liquor stores everywhere. Go figure. Guess that's why Senator Kennedy is from around here.

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Was checking out some stats today and noticed that over the past 48 hours I got hits from:

  • Germany
  • Poland
  • England
  • France
Wonder why?

Could be I'm now #3 for 'googlx'. Hey, sometimes a little mistake can help I guess.

[Update: Just got a hit from Australia today.]

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