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Great Quote

"Iím Not the Historian. Iím The Guy Making History."
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Week In Preview

The RNC is about to get started. Get ready for the protesters. Ya think anyone will comment on the DNC keeping their protesters in a cage while the RNC protesters are, well, probably everywhere? Didn't think so.

Should be an interesting week. I'll probably watch it. Unlike the Olympics. I don't get NBC - besides, I might have gotten too patriotic. Wouldn't want that to happen. So no Eric, no comment on the Olympics. Well, not yet. Maybe later.

There's just one problem with the convention this week. We don't have a Mickey Moore. Or a Mickey Moore club. Who are we going to stick in the presidential box with the former presidents? O'Neil? I doubt it.

You ready? It's gonna get interesting.

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Week In Review

Is it just me, or do campaigns and nation wide trial coverage just sorta turn into some cloudy deja vu mush thing? Really - I'm not sure what happened this week.

Follow The Leader
Is it normal to campaign in the same place as your opponent a few days later? And why exactly did Kerry think he'd get a positive response from those war crime committing, village burning, civilian killing veterans? And while I write this, I don't really care. I even wonder why I'm writing it. Is anybody really listening? I mean to them, not to me, I know no one's listening to me.

Dole It Out
Bob Dole has put Kerry's medals (or was it ribbons - whatever, they're interchangeable) in perspective. The perspective of veterans who are actually disabled because of their wounds. The opposition response - some brilliant statement about Bush's wounds being tooth fillings in the national guard. Erragua. What? Now he was really there? Two points - he's not running on his service and wounds, and two, he couldn't have been in Vietnam even if he wanted to.

In A Happy State
New Jersey. Enough said.

Drudge reported that the President might visit the Olympics next week. NBC's take on this was, "his presence would probably not be a welcome sight for those entrusted with the complex security operation already in place here." No kidding. Really, I'll bet they weren't that excited about the whole Olympic thing to begin with. Give me a break.

It's All Relative
On Fox, a Kerry spokesentity said that the ads are fine, but the swift ads aren't. Hey, makes sense to me. And I just thought it was an unfair bias. Sorry.

All About Timing
You can't sneak anything past that Dean guy. Yup, he'll catch a carefully timed politically motivated event every time.

"You know what I find interesting...I think it's interesting that this year is an election year and the President is traveling a lot. He's also talking to a lot of people. I just think the timing is very interesting. Don't you?"

Callin' It
Yup, close enough to the election for the first outcome call from Tim. Here's how it'll all work out. President Bush by a landslide, not as big a Reagan, but big enough to make people wonder why the media was calling it so close. And big enough the Kerry might as well forget about using the lawyers.

I'll also call the debates. When they're all over people will see President Bush as the 'nice next door barbeque guy who wants to help you" and Kerry as the "rich condescending aristocrat you never can really be sure about". Why? Because that's who they are.

Not The Best
Yeah, I know this one's been a little rough. Sorry. And if you're wondering why George Bush couldn't go to Vietnam even if he wanted to, it's because his dad was director of the CIA. You can't send the DCI's kid into an active war zone.

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Elingsh Uinervtisy

Ever got this email:

Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, olny taht the frist and lsat ltteres are at the rghit pcleas. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by ilstef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

Well, a while ago I added that functionality to the blog. Just didn't post about it. At least I don't think I did. Well, I did now.

Even tested it out on some other sites a while back. Microsoft's site looked very interesting.

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Nice Link

Google should be able to index all the archives now. I hope. And the comments. I hope.

We'll see what this does. Currently the main page has a page rank of...1. Hey, it's better then not having one. I guess. Maybe this'll bump that up a bit.

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Added Superphreak to the bandwagon a while ago. Just needed to wait until his site came back up.


Maybe now I can make it on his 'cool people' list. Maybe.

I'm cool. Really I am.

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Morning & Evening

Here's a beta of an online version of Spurgeon's 'Morning & Evening'. Take a look - it's in beta so that link won't work forever, and I'll should be adding some more features. The style sheets are not as smooth as I would like either. But it's the general idea.

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Week In Review

Short Week In Review

Kerry's run will fall apart because of the book released this week. The only thing we dislike more then annoying heroes are fake heroes.

If the book isn't true this would be a tremendous help to his campaign. But if it's a lie - why isn't he saying anything about it. The issue isn't who wrote the book, the issue is are these things true?

[Update: Comments on New Jersy politics later.]

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The Kid's back. And looking rather panamanian I might add.

Speaking of ads - made some changes and additions to the cafepress store. More when I get it all done, but untill then - take a look around.

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Not A Week In Review

No week in review this week. 'twas a rather blurry week. So this week is a highlight of stupidity. Not just your average stupidity. No, I'm talking really really way out there wacko stupidity. Like the 'we didn't land on the moon' stupidity.

After taking a look at this site I was floored by how much sense it made. Yeah, I was. [Note to google, just add that link to the thousands of URLs associated with the words 'this site'.]


I think I understand the general supposition here, well, understand might be going a bit far but we'll try anyway. Let me see if I get it. There was no plane that hit the pentagon. Not even the one people saw, and definitely not the one people were calling their family from. It was instead hit by what? A sixteen foot wide...truck?

And the planes that hit the WTC buildings - yeah, I guess they were actually hit - weren't passenger jets? They were what - military jets? So the government, the airlines, the building owner, the military, and the familys the didn't really loose someone on the pane that didn't fly and never had passengers are all in this together. Yeah, the logic astounds me. Really it does.

Now here's what really made me think,

"Why were there numerous reports of bombs & explosions going off in and around the WTC before any buildings had collapsed?"
That's right, the government crashed two planes into the towers - then imploded them.

(deep breath)

Maybe it was because there was a large burning passenger jet with basically a full load of jet full stuck in a building filled with flammable and some explosive substances? Or maybe it was floors collapsing as the support structure melted? Maybe it was parts of two of the largest buildings in the world starting to fall before the whole tower came down?


Right, and this was done why? To establish the Patriot Act - which by the way is still temporary - and invade Iraq. They could do that and they couldn't plant some WMD's?

Ya know what, I can see the conversation in Philadelphia two hundred years ago.

"Hey George, this freedom of speech thing? Good idea?"

"I think so Tom - why?"

"Well, the guy who owns the plantation down the river from me - he's a nut George."


"Yeah, the guy's crazy. Says the war never really happened. We just made it look good so people would think we're no longer a part of England. Says it's a plot to pull the French and Spanish to our side."

"Why would we do that?"

"Cause 'we're all out to get him George', trust me, it doesn't have to make sense. But if we do this freedom of speech thing, he could start a newspaper or something."

"I see your point Tom, what do you think Henry?"

"Sure, you'll have some of them, but that's just gonna happen."

"So just go with it?"

"Yeah, I'd keep it in."

Little did they know. Come on, this stuff is crazy. The WTC towers never existed. They were advanced holographic images. Yeah, they were. Were you ever inside the buildings? Didn't think so. Even if you were, they just used that mind control device developed by NASA to make you think the inside was real. They did. Space? NASA isn't about space, that's all faked.

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