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In Passing

Here's a blog that's worth taking a look at. Yes, Bobby, unlike mine.

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Bill Moore

Looks like it'll be a real fun week.

Anyone have the Franken-Hannity audio?

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Week In Review

Almost forgot about this tonight. Too bad.

No Sweat
This week the FDA approved Botox to be used to stop sweating. Well, I think it's just to stop severe sweating. Not just normal sweating. No, you normal sweaters out there can just grin and sweat it, but for those of you that are plagued with severe sweat - a new day has dawned.

Yes, no more ridicule from those who just don't understand, no more getting turned down for a job just because the air condition wasn't turned up enough. And now, finaly, when the teacher asks a question - you can raise that hand. Raise it high. And proud.

The Year of the Blog
Yeah, the democrat convention ain't important enough to get in this week in review - but that fact that for the first time bloggers have been invited as 'press' to the conventions (I believe both conventions) does make it. Think about it - is there really anything more objective than someone who tell you he's biased? I don't think so. So where's my invite?

Never mind.

[UPDATE: Yes, the RNC is doing the same.]

Naming Names
Some are upset that the 9-11 commission wouldn't say if those attacks could have been stopped. I'm sure there are some who are upset that no one was blamed. Well I will. I'm not afraid to name names, to set things straight. I will blame someone. There's one group of people who could have prevented the events of that day. There's one group of people that deserve to bear the blame.

The terrorists.

Okay, can we stop pointing fingers and fight this war now? Please?

Too Strong
Frenchy french people don't like Lance. A lot.

Seems it's not just those right winged war mongering Presidents that get them upset. Seems to just be an American thing. Guess they just don't like us. Or at least don't like us when we're right, winning, powerful, consistent, and generally not them.

That's Us
Guess what? US Special Forces have been asked to guard the Olympics. No kidding. Is it okay to be American now?

Hey, you don't like us - fine. We'll take our Special Forces and go home.

Mars Update

Haven't heard much about this lately.
"Before and after pictures of Pot-of-Gold showed that the rock was moved by the rock abrasion tool procedure. That movement, plus possible slippage where the tool contacts the rock, resulted in only intermittent contact during the grinding operation. After the grind was complete, Spirit placed the alpha particle X-ray spectrometer on the freshly exposed area in preparation for an operation later that night."
Well, that's good to know.

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And It's Free

Wow, this is a pretty amazing program.

DBDesigner 4 is a visual database design system that integrates database design, modeling, creation and maintenance into a single, seamless environment.
Yeah, it's cool. Really cool.

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Cut It Out

The kid comes home from work with some cut flowers, looks at me, smiles and says:

"Guess who's the favorite son tonight."
That's just wrong.

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Smile If You Wish

Oh yeah, by the way, the 'merry-hearts' list is now hosted on the powerful servers.

Go ahead - subscribe - send a message to

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Fish Sticks

I'm staying out of the water.

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That's Sup!

Yeah it's cool - but I don't think my local grocery store sells it. Oh well.

Is it better? Test it yourself.

[Update: NRO's take on the test.]

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Trip Tip

Here's a tip to anyone taking a long trip with teenage girls:

"If you can't hold it, don't drink it."

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Week In Review

Very short - I must get to bed.

Nice to see that the democratic party is running a pro-life campaign. Kerry believes life begins at conception, and Edwards hears what unborn babies are saying.

I'm not even going to mention how 'touchy' this party is.

Love the President's comparison of the two veeps. 'Dick Cheney could be President'. That's great. Not to mention a great appearance Friday in the Lehigh Valley.

I told ya it'd be short.

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