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What Week?

Skipping this week's week in review, due to a project. Besides, what else would I talk about? My life?

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Week In Review

This will be brief - I slept most of the week. Or at least it seems that way.

World Wide Web
For fans of the conservative/Christian mag 'World' - check out their blog. Looks pretty good.

'Under God'

"The Supreme Court ruled that the phrase "one nation, under God" can stay in the Pledge Allegiance to the Flag. The ruling, however, did not break new ground in clarifying issues of church and state. It hinged on a technicality."

Bunch of wimps. We have too many politicians and not enough statesman. You know, statesmen - the people who actually believe in something and don't think that it's wrong to believe in something. People who aren't afraid to fight for what they believe in because what they believe in is bigger than their political career, bigger than public opinion, bigger than power, bigger than money, bigger than life itself. Where are those people?

You know why 'under God' should remain in the pledge. Because a free country can't exist without God. This country didn't start with out the aid of the Almighty God and it will not survive apart from it. Without God all men aren't created equal. Without God there are no unalienable rights. Without God you don't matter. Your value comes from one place - the fact that God 'thinks on you'. You take out under God, you have no country. You have no value.

When someone tries to convince you that they can teach morality, freedom, personal property rights, or any other morality without God - they're wrong. Simple as that. It can't be done.

You want a country without God? Then you don't want freedom. You don't want America. Move to France.

No Connection
There's no link between Al-Qaida and Iraq. Whatever. Either they can't read that well, or they don't have a problem blatantly misrepresenting the truth. Probably both.

It was said that there was a connection between Al-Qaida and Iraq. It was not said that Iraq was involved with September 11th.

If I do some work with the mob, just on the side, but I'm not a part of one their operations - what does that make me. Yup, still involved with the mob. Still bad. This ain't that hard.

Of course (even with my google obsession) I can't find this line. Unless it's:

"We have examined the allegation that Atta met with an Iraqi intelligence officer in Prague on April 9. Based on the evidence available—including investigation by Czech and U.S. authorities plus detainee reporting—we do not believe that such a meeting occurred."
If that's that line - this is laughable. And pathetic.

More Stupidly
Come on, when Hezbollah endorses your movie - that's a bad thing Mike. No really, it is.

Killing in Iraq
I think Al-Qaida misunderstands us. I don't think hearing about another murder of an American contractor by terrorist will evoke the response they're looking for. It might work in Spain, it won't work here.

There is a difference between the prevailing european mindset and the American mindset.

They see the cost and say they must leave. We see the evil and say it must be defeated.

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Wow. I should complain more often.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a bunch of Birthday comments.

Thanks to all of you who said 'Happy Birthday' and have no idea who I am. To those who do know me - what took you so long.

Just kidding. Thanks for leaving a comment even though you do know me.


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Not Fair!

Gabe gets more 'Happy Birthdays' than I do. And it's not his blog. And I bet he hasn't even read it yet. Pathetic.

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Now That He's 21

Happy Birthday to Gabe - 21 today.

As far as I know he spent his day mowing the lawn, and perhaps spending some quality time with a box of doughnuts. It can't get much better than then. The smell of fresh grass and a little bit of icing on your chin.

So Happy Birthday Gabe!

(And you know he hasn't done a moron magnet lately. Hint hint.)

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My Good Friend

Tomorrow Beck will be one of the guests on Hannity. I'm guessing that Hannity is broadcasting as a guest of the Glenn's flagship. I think some of the other radio personalities that'll be on Hannity are from Philadelphia.

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Week In Review

Week in review. You can probably guess what this one will be about.

I don't know much about Presedent Regan. Was a bit too young to notice what was going on. Here's a few disjointed thoughts from what I've heard this week.

He was a President. This may sound a bit obvious, but it's not. In reference to what was perhaps unique to him as a pesedent, he said something to the effect of being the only presedent who knew what he looked like photographed from any angle. So what? He was aware. He understood that he was presedent all the time. He respected that responsibility. He never took his jacket off in the oval office. He was a President. He was Presidential.

He loved this country. This country loved him. At least two of the three broadcast anchors have suggested that the coverage of his death might have been abit much. Then why was it covered? You guys have a say in that you know. Oh right, you couldn't ignore people waiting eight hours to pay thier respects. Wake up. It wasn't too much coverage. Except maybe for you.

I've heard people say that he was the first President they voted for. Perhaps one day, I'll say - in the same way - George W. Bush was the first I voted for.

Is he the best president of the last century? Heard the question, "How does he stack up against FDR?" Well Roosevelt fought World War II, Regan didn't fight World War III. He said what should have been said, but no one else would say. Greatest president? Time will tell. But perhaps it already has.

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He's Back

Andrew (aka Joe Boxer) has earned back his place on the bandwagon. For like a long time. 'Cause it's like a long post. Really long. You'd think he's writing a book.

Anyway - if you don't have time to read the whole post - I have good news for you. I ran it through my handy dandy document summarizer to get the Reader's Digest condensed version. What? You don't have a handy dandy document summarizer?

Here's the condensed version, 800 characters compared to the 20,150 characters of the actual post. Perhaps this will convince you to read the whole thing.

Than, staring directly at Robin Hood and Little John, he bellowed with a loud voice, "Fear not Bob and John for I and the Merry Men will be quick on your heels! Robin Hood dogged a sword that was thrown at him and thrusted his sword- *censored* Little John saved Robin’s life on more then a few occasions, and Robin Hood had been there for Little John time and time again. All the men gathered around as the scout was talking, "I just heard," he said then took a breath and continued, "that the sheriff has offered an award for the heads of Robin Hood and Little John to be served to him on a silver platter. ” After that was said, Little John and the merry men heard guards approaching them and with courage, Little John stated, “Men, prepare to defend yourselves. All Little John had was his staff.
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Jon (former co-worker, BJ grad, fellow web developer, and all around nice guy), has joined the blogging world.

[Note: I realize that I don't really represent the 'norm' in blogging, if there really is one.]

So check out his site, leave some comments, all that fun stuff.

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And a warm welcome to those of you who come here just to find the link to Jesse's blog, or maybe Gabe's Blog. Hey, and if he actually starts posting, maybe even Corey's blog.

But not Bobby's blog. Bobby doesn't have a blog.

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