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Week In Review

Brief week. So there.

Speaking of Sarin

t"A researcher in a heavily guarded Siberian virology laboratory died tafter pricking herself with a syringe containing the deadly Ebola virus..."

tI guess they were researching a cure. At least I hope that what they twere doing. Why else would it be in a syringe? This lab and tthe CDC are they only two places with 'official stockpiles' of tsmallpox. Exactly why do we have 'stockpiles'?

I'll tell ya Tomorrow
tWell, the day before yesterday was when 'The Day After Tomorrow' came tout in theaters. Funny thing - most weathermen find it laughable. Seemstthe rest just hate it. Don't know about you but I"m doing my part to stoptglobal warming. Yup. Tomorrow's national 'keep that refrigerator door open andtsave the planet' day.

tIt came in second for ratings. Sandwiched between two movies that talready were out a week. Or two.

tWonder if media matters commented on any of this 'disinformation'. Nah seems the tbest they could do was - "Global warming skeptic strikes again, now in USA Today".

tFor the first time since it's IPO Krispy Kreme showed a loss. While tsome may simply speculate this has something to so with Michael Mooretbeing in France - I did something about it. Yup, went out an bought twotdonuts. And ate them. Have to do my part in getting this economy turnedtaround.

tSeems Air America is having more trouble. After being drooped by a station fort- go figure - not paying their bills. Then a sponsor not wanting their tadvertising running during Air America programming - who whoulda seen that coming?tNow their finical troubles are so bad - Al Franken is working for free.

tGot some news for ya guys. You're still paying him too much.

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Me 2

Well, this site still ain't in the top 100 for Tim Lytle. But it is in the top 200. Yeah. And it was this post that did it. And this site is in the top 50 for Timothy Lytle.

But ya know what. It's not that importaint. Thanks to superphreak for his perspective. Hey, I'm number one when searching for 'Not a brandspak'in new vepond of mass destruction'. Or just 'olt vepond'. Oddly enough I'm the top hit for 'veep Peety' too. Go figure.

So you're right superphreak - I just gotta use the right words. Like - 'powered by the mighty penguin: tux'.

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Week In Review

Funny You Should Say That
Yeah, I know - I should keep it short. But couldn't pass up on any of these quote. Edited a bit for content.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal. These people are not parenting. They are buying things for kids $500 sneakers for what? And won't spend $200 for 'Hooked on Phonics'."
"They're standing on the corner and they can't speak English. I can't even talk the way these people talk: 'Why you ain't,' 'Where you is' ... And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk. And then I heard the father talk. ... Everybody knows it's important to speak English except these knuckleheads. ... You can't be a doctor with [that] coming out of your mouth!"
"These are not political criminals, these are people going around stealing Coca-Cola. People getting shot in the back of the head over a piece of pound cake and then we run out and we are outraged, 'The cops shouldn't have shot him.' What [was] he doing with the pound cake in his hand?

Who said that? Not Rush Limbaugh, not Trent Lott, not even Chris Gable. It was Bill Cosby. I think he's got something there.

And he's got a great site. I went through the whole thing. Good stuff.

Yeah, But It's Old
Don't know if anyone noticed. A canister of sarin gas was detonated in Iraq last week. Well, a week ago Saturday. Seems it wasn't that bad because it was detonated the wrong way. It appeared to be a normal shell, which was wired as a bomb. It was not a normal shell. It wasn't that bad. If it would have been fired correctly it would have been that bad. Yes, sarin is a weapon of mass destruction. No, whether the people that have it no what it is does not change that.

Good ol' Hans said - and I probably misquote, but you'll get the gist:

But it vas olt. Not a brandspak'in new vepond of mass destruction. Hey, if it vas new don't you sink ve vould haf found it. Yah, ve were only looking for zee new vons. The old vons are...olt.'

Yeah, and next time I'm robbed at gun point I'll say - 'Come on, you're not gonna use that are ya? That looks like something from World War 1. I'll bet the bullets are even old. You ain't getting nothin' from me.'

Sure that outa work.

Yeah, and sarin ain't one of the really bad WMD's. It ain't like VX. It's just a pesticide.

Mars Update
Haven't heard much about the mars mission lately. Guess they haven't found any life. Or life hasn't decided to 'de-cloke'.

Seems the search for intelligent life still continues at the NASA software labs. Just kidding guys.

The flight software team is uncovering the details, but it appears that the error occurred within a 3-microsecond window of vulnerability when a "write" command was attempted to a "write-protected" area of RAM.
Umm...why were they trying to write there in the first place? Just wonder'n. Yeah, I know - just trying to see if it really was protected.

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And That's Mine

Walmart wouldn't give me the photos I had them print. They said I needed to show them a release from the photographer - because they were 'professional photos'. I guess I should take that as a complement. If only it wasn't so annoying.

Me: I'd like my photos.

Her: I can't give them to you until I see a release form.

Me: I took the photo.

Her: Well, someone did the graphics.

Me: I did that too.

Her: I need proof.


Her: Well what company do you work for?

Me: I just took the photo. For me.

This went on for a while. Finally I filled out a form as the photographer giving permission to the person with the form - that would be me - to make prints. Best part. I had to fill out when the permission ends. Seems I can get prints of the images until January 1st 2006.

She said I should make up a letter - to avoid all this the next time. So I'll write me and say I can make as many copies of my work that I want.

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It's Me.

Yes google, this the blog of Tim Lytle. You'd think when searching for Timothy Lytle this site would be in say the first 500 hits. Nope.

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Week In Review

Just One Vote
And Kerry missed it. Unemployment extension lost by one vote. 'course Kerry says it would have been stopped anyway. That's the spirit - if he didn't vote because it would have eventually lost anyway...anyone know why he's running for President? Just a thought.

Contrast and Compare
On one hand you have a young entrepreneur wanting to help rebuild a country. On the other - prisoners, who if they were free might have been one of those hooded men on the video.

You have a country in an uproar - condemning the actions that were wrong. Actions committed by Americans - condemned by Americans. Yet those actions pale in comparison. But for that there is silence.

You have a few soldiers - who's actions, to an extent, show they realized that their behavior - in some way - was unacceptable. There is not a trace of guilt from the other.

You have images that - with some editing - continue to appear everywhere. You have a video that is seen but a few times, the actual even seen even less.

There is quite a telling contrast.

I'm an American
Should Americans be able to see the Nick Berg video if they want? Yes.

Yes, the family deserves privacy. But he wasn't killed because he was Nick Berg. He wasn't killed because someone was robbing a bank. He wasn't killed because he had heard too much. He wasn't killed because someone was angry with a government and wanted to send a message. He wasn't killed because he was a hostage and something went wrong. He wasn't killed because he had money.

He was killed because he was an American.

I'm an American. They want to kill me too. I should be able to see what they want to do to me. If I think I should.

I've heard the audio. I don't know if I'll ever see the video. But I should be able to.

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I was going to vote for Bush in November, but now I might have to reconsider.

I wonder who his veep will be? Lloyd? Peety?

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Group Hug

New at google labs - google groups 2 beta. If you use news groups - you might find this useful.

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Yes, google has started a blog. About time. :-) Here's the first post, followed later by a more serious post about why some search results happen.

And no, I don't plan on getting a job at google. And I don't work at Microsoft - that's another Tim Lytle. Too bad I don't have high-speed dialup, can watch the seminar. Oh well.

And yes, I thought about buying, but it's taken.

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Wait, you're not...

Here's an 'article' I wrote about the workings of viruses when it comes to that pesky 'from' address.

Viruses 'spoof' the from address. A good virus will send mail to addresses it finds on the infected computer; however, it will not necessarily use the owners e-mail address. It will 'spoof' or forge the e-mail address - sometimes using an different address it finds on the infected computer - in the address book, or perhaps an e-mail.

Sometimes it will generate an address based on who it is sending an e-mail too. If the virus is sending mail to an address, it may forge the from address so the mail appears to come from - an address you might trust.

What this means is when you get an e-mail appearing to be from someone you know, don't assume their computer is infected. The infected computer is probably one of a mutual friend who has both addresses. If you're really interested in where the virus come from, check the mail headers. The 'Received' lines show the servers the message came through. If the message appears to be from a address, but the server the message originated from is an server - chances are the from address has been 'spoofed'.

A good virus won't keep using the same address to spoof the from address. It will change it periodically. Even though you get an infected e-mail with a certain from address, others may get the same message with a different address.

Moral of the story - unless you have a *very* good knowledge of computers and e-mail, make sure you're running an anti-virus program. (A good - and free for personal use - program is AVG.) And there's no reason to warn about a certain address 'sending out viruses' - that address is probably being spoofed. Even if you can track what servers the mail is originating from, most of the time you still can't be sure of what specific computer is infected - unless you're actually on that computer. And lastly, if you see an infected e-mail that seems to be from you - don't worry. Just make sure your anti-virus program is updated and scan your computer. If you don't find a virus assume that your address has been spoofed, and there's nothing you can do about that.

Now go do the responsible thing. Help save the world from viruses by buying a good anti-virus program. And buy AVG. Why? Because I get money when you do. And it's a good program. But the main thing is money.

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