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I'll be posting the audio from tonights 'Above The Fold' - radio talkshow on Lehigh's radio station (WDIY) - hopefully in the next 24 hours. Hopefully. :-)

In other news - Tommey lost, I'll comment on that too - I hope in the next few days.

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Cut'n It Close

Last I checked the Toomey Specter race was 50/50 with 88% of the vote in. Well, they said it'd be close.

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Week In Review

Didn't hear much news this week - wasn't able to. Here's something I did hear.

Land of the Brave
There are still true Americans. May we all truly appreciate what this man did for our country, for our freedom. His sacrifice isn't greater than that of any other, it just illustrates the depth of their convictions, tier love, tier belief that freedom will always need be defended, and that they will be the ones to defend it with their lives. May we not take that for granted. May we not forget the price of our freedom. May we never give up what they have fought for.

It has always been the soldier.

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Statistically Speaking

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Week In Review

I'm losing it - hey, no comments - so it'll be short. Really, I have no idea what went on this week.

Ashcroft for Prez
Yeah, he let'em have it. What's he got to lose? He's more polarizing that President Bush. People who like Bush hate him. But who would trust a guy who doesn't drink soda? I know I wouldn't. Any way ya gotta love this guy.

"Although you understand the debilitating impact of the wall, I cannot imagine that theCommission knew about this memorandum, so I have declassified it for you and the public to review. Fulldisclosure compels me to inform you that its author is a member of this Commission."

From the DOJ:

"(Note: The Attorney General often deviates from prepared remarks.)"
Yeah, I'd say that.

"I certainly cannot say why the blueprint for security was not followed in 2000. I do know from mypersonal experience that those who take the kind of tough measures called for in the plan will feel theheat. I've been there; I've done that. So the sense of urgency simply may not have overcome concern aboutthe outcry and criticism which follows such tough tactics."

Where's 'The People'?
Next time we want a committee to investigate an important issue for the American people - maybe it should be made up of, oh, American people - not a bunch of former politicians and political layers.

Local Politics. Arlin Spector was on Rush - some complained about this 'free' airtime. Here's Rush's explanation. Whatdaya think? He worried? I hope so. And I hope he has good reason to be.

Cleaning Up
Israel cleaned up another terrorist leader this week. At least this one wasn't in a wheelchair - looks a litter better for PR. Here's how I found out - an IM from Gabe:

Chris: Have you checked the news this eveningChris: Israel just blew up some terrorist scumTim: CoolTim: Wheelchair bound?Chris: his successorTim: Nice.

I figure Gabe would make a great middle-eastern correspondent. Too bad he'd get shot. I told him that - his response, "Not if I kill them first." Now that's fair and balanced.

And I figure there's a reason they're doing this with rockets. I think the Mossad could take care of these people quietly, but this sorta strikes fear into the heart of would be leaders. And so it should.

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It's Not Worth That

He he he. Turns out that 2 cents was a credit card payment. If I want the money I'll have to upgrade my paypal membership to a premier account. Then I can accept credit card payments - just have to pay 2.9% + $0.30. That means I have a net of -28.058 cents. So for just a nickel and a quarter, I can get your two cents.

Hmmm...sorry Don, I may have asked for your two cents, but I don't want it.


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For What It's Worth

Was surprised to see a paypal payment received message in my inbox. Don Reed sent me his two cents. Yeah!

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Week In Review

No Week In Review - I'm gonna blame it on taxes.

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For those up you that realize that what some might call my obsession with google is really a watchful eye on probably the current leader in internet (and perhaps all information systems) technology - here's an article that delves deeply into google's IT structure, and direction. Hey, google has thier own file system, web server, and distributed operating system. This is a lot more than a search engine.

A quote:

"I've written before about Google's snippet service, which required that they store the entire web in RAM."

And an interesting fact, google 'engineers' come from a wide range of places. From working on 'A Bug's Life' to the Mars Exploration Rover.

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Week In Review

Hannity Ploy
April 1st, Hannity gets on the air and says it's time he stopped faking things, it's time he was honest with his listeners. He's become a liberal. And people bought this? Apparently. Man, they're letting anyone become a conservative these days.

But really, anyone could see that Hannity was just scared that the new Liberal Talk Radio Network - Air America - is gonna take all his listeners, so he had to 'change' his views. He's just trying to keep his audience and show. What? It was a joke? Really?

Liberal Talk Radio
Speaking of Air America - and they're gaining ground fast. Yup, third rank on google when searching for Air America. Yup that's one lower than (gasp) Mel Gibson's movie and two below a paint ball company. The paint ball company actually owning Ya'd think they check if they could get the domain name before naming the network.

Anyway - it easy to see they have conservative radio shaking - Hannity trys to keep his audience by pretending to be liberal. Rush takes a vacation, so he can blame the ratings slump on the guest hosts. It's rumored that Rush may not come back on Monday, and can you blame him? How can anyone go head to head with Al Franken?

It's over folks, Fox News is next. Dan Rather for President. Or at least Tom Brokaw for veep.

Seriously though, you know how irritating it must be when on your first day on-air, you competition views you as so great a threat he yawns and takes a vacation?

And ya gotta check out the site - - I don't know why, I just laughed.

Zell Yells
Speaking of guest hosts, Roger Hedgecock brought up this quote from Zell Miller:

"It's obvious to me that this country is rapidly dividing itself into two camps - the wimps and the warriors," Miller said. "The ones who want to argue and assess and appease, and the ones who want to carry this fight to our enemies and kill them before they kill us."

On Friday the guest host was Walter E. Williams, and his discussion on economics was surprisingly not boring. Of course not boring is relative, and when you compare to what I was doing at the time there's a lot of things that are 'not boring'.

He also touched the subject of affirmative action. Very good thoughts of what it has done to other countries. All bad.

Oh, and if you go to his site, and if you don't have high speed dial-up, that photo of his is around 800k. Just a warning.

Affirmative Action?
Speaking of affirmative action, Mayor Street (of Philadelphia) has lost a long time supporter. The Chairman of the African American Chamber of Commerce is upset because he claims Street put Michael Williams, a gay man, at the head of the Minority Business Enterprise Council.

He says that Street only gave Williams the position because he is gay.

Hmm? So affirmative action for African Americans is okay, but affirmative action for gays is not? How 'bout both being wrong?

Mars Update
Speaking of Philadelphia, I was thinking about the Mars Mission this week. Started out the year talking about it, but seems I haven't heard much in the news lately. So I wandered over the to mission's site and checked out the latest Opportunity Update. I quote:

"During the martian morning, the Moessbauer spectrometer was turned off before atmospheric science was conducted with the miniature thermal emission spectrometer and the panoramic camera."

Maybe that's why I haven't heard much about it.

Speaking of things that you can't understand, I tried to focus on continuity - hi Bobby - this week. Tried to bridge the subjects together so there was some sort of flow. By the way, this week was the Cherry Blossom parade in Washington DC. I'm not sure why I'm telling you this. Did you remember to change your clocks?

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