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Week In Review

Done, Sorta
Howard Dean says he's no longer activity pursuing the Presidency. Actively? What's that mean - if the democrat party sees the light and realizes that they can't run with Kerry, he step in if they ask really nicely? Maybe he's waiting for the RNC to ask him. Whatever it means - Go Howard! Dean for passive President.

Play Nice
I just couldn't pass this one up (from MikesList):"Is there no justice? Islamic Jihad, the terrorist group that (along with Hamas) is responsible for most of the suicide bomb attacks in Israel, has complained to the Associated Press news agency that some unidentified "Zionist and American" groups have hacked and defaced their web site. Let's all feel sorry for Islamic Jihad..."

Breaking News
Drudge reports that Israel has 82 nukes. Are you surprised?

Top Ten
Parade had its list of 'Top Ten Worst Dictators' - where 'Worst' really means best 'cause a dictator is really a bad thing to aspire to be anyway.

Topping the list once again is Kim Jong Il (that's il - like ill - not a funny looking Roman Numeral 2) - but making his first showing on the list, and appearing at position 10 is the king of Swaziland. Yes, that's a real country. On that note - if your ever looking for information on a real country a good site is, where else, the CIA.

So why do I mention number ten, King of a country slightly smaller than New Jersey? Just found it interesting. Maybe I should send a resume that direction.

My Life
Now don't stop reading now. Big things happened this week. I beat Jesse (finally) in ping pong (best of three) - and he wasn't playing left handed. But I was.

Also I played a little Battle Field 1942 - don't do that much - it's sorta cool, getting to drive and fly everything. Why am I writhing about this. Opps, that should have been writing.

Spring Cleaning
Put in a network for someone this week. Opened up a case to stick in a NIC card - it hadn't been opened since they bought it 6 years ago. There was a spider web between the bottom of the case and the first PCI card. Moral of the paragraph: Vacuum the inside of you computer every once and a while.

'Cool' Site
Ran into this site looking for an on the fly line-in ogg encoder. The one he wrote is pretty nice. And how can you live without this? I know I can't.

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Week In Review

Kerry On
While the Kerry Press Corp pesters the Bush Administration with questions about an unsubstantiated accusation about the President's National Guard service, the mainstream media is rather silent about a much more fact based accusation concerning Senator Kerry. Not that surprising I guess. Wonder how this will effect the Democratic nomination. Al Sharpton anyone?

The Source of the Problem
Rumor has it that some of the Windows source code was leaked (hmm, didn't a HL2 developer once work for Microsoft?). Surprise, surprise, it's also rumored that the code is sloppy:

"Comments such as, "potentially off-by-1, but who cares..." are buried within code for the Windows Taskbar."
Sounds like my code.

And I also heard - but couldn't find an online source - that there's a major vulnerability that's been discovered (6 months ago) in the Windows core. Like the who OS branch - ya know, all windows versions (DOS users can take heart - I don't think it effects you). Patch should be forthcoming - which is good 'cause a major electronic attack is expected int he next few weeks. Like I said - that's what I was told, can't find a source online.

And back to the source leak - seems the leak wasn't from Microsoft, but from Mainsoft (friends of Microsoft).

"The leaked code includes 30,915 files and was apparently removed from a Linux computer used by Mainsoft for development purposes."
I love it.

A Personal Note
And in other news, for those ever in need of flowers - which I doubt would be any of my readers - I would definitely recommend And for those wondering - they were for my mom.

Pro Testing
I'm also protesting marriage. It's discriminating that single people can't be married and enjoy the benefits of being married.

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Week In Review

This is short 'cause I'm working on a computer tonight. And this week was pretty boreing - right?

Blah, blah, another bunch of primaries. Whatever. Oh, and not enough 'Joementium' for Joe. Just wait until the President starts campaigning.

Flat Out Wrong
In the wonder weather we've been having - driving to work Friday morning - I had a flat on 22. 'Bout time I used that AAA membership. So anyway, I found myself at East Penn Tires - used to be a gas station - in fact it's where Bobby used to work (when it was a gas station [I mention Bobby 'cause then he reads the blog {at least I think he does} wondering how he was mentioned] not the tire shop) getting new tires. They had CNN on, and I was amazed (I don't usually watch CNN, I get my news from the BBC - kidding) at how blatantly biased they are. Oh well, that's why there Fox and AM radio - oh yeah, and the internet.

Speaking Of News
Probably the most talked about news this week was Colon Powel's visit to the UN. What? That wasn't the top news? It was a different Powel?

The National Anthem - sung by Beyonce (find the audio here)- was, as far as I can tell, appreciated by many. Maybe the NFL/CBS should take the hint and next time (right, like CBS will get the superbowl next year) have a somewhat wholesome half time show.

Go Radio
Saw 'Radio' last night - very good movie. If you liked 'Remember the Titans' you'd like this one. Good story, good acting, just a plain ol' good movie.

Well, back to the other computer...

[Note: Not sure about the leagality of downloading the national anthem audio - you know, the whole 'this broadcast is owned by the NFL blah blah blah' - but, hey, watch the Pepsi ad and you won't really care. ;-)]

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Now In RSS

Just added an RSS feed for the blog. Why? Because I can.

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Week In Review

Rush Was Right
The Patriots went 'all the way' - which was Rush's call at the beginning of the season. Oh, and guess what - the Eagles didn't go all the way. Go figure.

On that topic, I'm glad I didn't get the V300 a few months ago. Saw a commercial during the game featuring the V600 - comes with bluetooth. Yeah.

There Just So Many Of Them
Kerry won again - Dean didn't (funny how it works that way isn't it?) - Lieberman's 'Joementium' ain't, and Clark's says it's okay, and it's okay. Too bad for Kerry his team lost tonight. Maybe it's a sign.

"Wise-cracking funnyman Al Franken yesterday body-slammed a demonstrator to the ground after the man tried to shout down Gov. Howard Dean."
Hmm, he says he was protecting Dean's 'freedom of speech' - what about the guy you tackled Al? Seems Al was a wrestler at one time, maybe he should consider a career change. WWF anyone?

Watch Out
Make sure you check out that next watch carefully - Timex is releasing a watch that'll pay your bills. Now if they could just implant it in my hand.

Speaking if that - here's one more reason Dean is scary. He wants to turn drivers licenses in to a 'standardized national ID card' (wondering if illegal aliens will be able to get one in California). Yeah - then he wants computer makers to be forced to include a 'reader' in their systems. That's to make the internet 'more secure' (I think he knows that other countries also use the internet - maybe not).

I know - why not combine the functions of the watch and the ID card - and implant in in my forehead. Hmm...maybe Dean's been reading Revelation. After all his favorite book in the New Testament was the book of Job. No Howard, that has nothing to do with the economy.

Poke eMan
Now this site seems to have no bias. It's just good old American capitalism. They sell voodoo dolls for any occasion - or political party. Get one for Rush, Glenn, John (Kerry or Edwards), Howard, Saddam, Osaka, Rums field, O'Reilly - even President Bush. Of course if you do a search for "Miserable Failure" you'll find a google ad - for a Michael Moore doll.

I Need Some of That
I've always wanted a bunch of nothing. Haven't you? Well if that's not what your looking for, you could always get a 'Think Tank'. Mike's List featured this computer in a motorcycle gas tank. Not to be out done slashdot reported a motorcycle complete with wi-fi and internet access. 'Course it's only in Cambodia. Is that near Pottsville? I think I'll take the car with luggage bays on the side.

Real Americans
While the two rovers seems to be, well, roving over mars - today's the anniversary of last year's NASA tragedy. Going where no one has gone before - doing things that people say can't be done - breaking records - challenging technology - pushing the limits - and doing it willingly - that's dangerous.

It's also American.

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