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MySQL Front Update

For those who care - MySQLFront 3.0 has been released. The date stamp on the build is tomorow.

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To Tell the Truth

I need to get this.

"You say you didn't touch the computer - it just broke?"

"Yeah - sure that was what happened."

"That's not what my cell phone says."

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Hmm...I think I'll open that...

Okay people, you don't open .zip .pif .scr .exe .com .bat, or really any attachment from a person you don't know - or from an e-mail you weren't expecting - or without running said file through a virus scanner.

Well, back to cleaning out my inboxes.

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You Can't Do That

You've probably heard of Kids-In-Mind - well, here's a different kind of movie rating system. I like this review.

(Source: Mike's List)

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This is News?

Clinton only sent two e-mails where he was presedent. Wow. And one was a test. The other one went to John Glenn. You'd think being so close to Al Gore he'd be sending e-mails all the time.

"Former Ohio Sen. John Glenn has the distinction of being the first American to orbit the Earth and the only person to receive an e-mail written by Clinton when he was in office."

Boy, wish I were Glenn.

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Google Bomb Update

Well, it looks like he's the #1"Miserable Failure", at least right now. Check for yourself.

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Week In Review

Really quick post - because it's been a busy week.

15 Minutes of Fame
Well, Iowa is no longer important. Kerry won, Gepheart dropped out. Dean is crazy, and doesn't know the national anthem. My psudo-money is on Edwards. Why? Because he's the only one you can stand to look at for more than two and a half minutes.

Beep Beep
They lost communication with the mars rover this week. At one point they could only hear beeping sounds, like the ones is makes when there's an error. That's gotta be annoying. I doubt I'm the only one impressed by the fact that they're remotely troubleshooting - rebooting - and hearing 'beeps' from something on another planet. And from NASA "Outlook improves as engineers currently believe that software "file management" problems may be source of Spirit's troubles." They should have defraged before liftoff.

And it seems "Opportunity has landed in a crater, and hits scientific jackpot with views of first rock outcrop ever seen on Mars." Wow, rocks. Hold me back.

Listen to That
The RIAA has sued a bunch of IP addresses, hoping that in the legal proceedings they'll be able to get to the ISP logs, and eventually to some names.

What's in a Name?
Seems that software developer Mike Rowe has settled with Microsoft over his domain name. At least that's what his site ( says. (Thanks Bobby.)

Yah Who?
And Yahoo! starts it's own 'labs' page. Woah. I don't think google needs to get worried.

This is a Test

Just to test the ability to do it - I'll be trying to 'broadcast' a basketball game 'play-by-play'. If you want to see if it's successful, open the url in a player that supports mp3 streaming. (Like WinAmp)

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Through the Fight?

Dean doesn't even know the words to the National Anthem. I least it don't sound like he does. Pathetic. And I'm not talking about all the verses. Just the first one.

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Week In Review

A Bit Corney
Dr. Dean's (not the guy on the radio - that guy might make a better candidate though) lead has dropped significantly now that it actually matters. Maybe people realize that a blathering hate-filled guy who acts (and I believe looks) like a character from Dr. Strangelove shouldn't be president. Who knows? It's not like the others are any better. Clark - the decisive general who said he fully supports the invasion of Iraq but we shouldn't have gone in to the country he said we should invade but doesn't support the invasion of, unless...nah, not even then - but he might. He belongs in Dr. Strangelove too. [Yes, I got heard the 'Strangelove' stuff on Rush, but you know we all were already thinking it.]

Hey - forget them, here's a list of good candidates.

Talk'n 'Bout It
Was surprised to hear Michael Savage talking about his new book on the Glenn Beck program, but the big news is where Hannity is broadcasting next week - Washington. He's mentioned some guests - all pretty high up in the administration - but he's said he can reveal all of what's going on. My call - he's got the President booked. Stay tuned.

To the Moon, Then Mars
This administration is getting pretty predictable. After announcing that the President will announce, he did. Amazing. Looks like I got my dates wrong last time. It's the moon in 15 and mars 10 after that. But we're sending robots to the moon first? Why? And 10 years? Didn't we already do this? Unless...

And about mars - "Mars now is our sandbox, and we are ready to play and learn," said JPL director Charles Elachi. Sounds like more imperialism from the Bush administration to me.

Oh, and for those wondering if we'll find life on mars - I actually do believe there is life outside this world. Yup. ;-)

Global Warming Hits New Low
It's cold. Really cold. But it was colder this week. In fact - it was really cold when Al Gore gave his speech on global warming.

Yeah - I'm gonna start using more aerosol products now. Maybe that'll prevent another 'ice age'.

I Take That Back
Once again Microsoft decides to continue supporting 'Windows 95/98. But they'll charge more. Couldn't see that coming. Who's using it anyway? Oh, right. Never mind.

You Don't Look That Good

Okay, this is weird. Really weird. It's so weird I can't think of anything to say. Okay, maybe something. Nah, can't think of anything.

Have It Your Way
But how will you eat it? With a fork I guess.

Ya Can't Have Your Cake - Or Maybe You Can
Remember those '16 words'? No that's not a haiku. That would be 17 words. And it's not words, it would be syllables. Like this:

British government
has learned that Saddam Hussein
sought uranium.

That would be haiku. This would be the quote.

"The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."

You see a haiku strips out meaningless things like 'how much' and 'from where' and lets you see the essential part of a statement.

The accusation has been made that the above statement was not true - that Iraq did not seek to purchase uranium from Africa. Of course the statement was about what British intelligence reported - and they did report that, so it was true - but for the sake of argument, let's just ignore that. It's generally excepted that the purpose of that statement was not to slander Africa, or even uranium for that matter, but to make the point that Mr. Saddam was trying to get stuff to make nuclear bombs.

So the validity that's being challenged is not where they were buying, but what they were buying. So would it matter if they had some uranium just laying around? Probably.

Some Jordanian metal dealer found 'yellowcake' in a bunch of scrap metal he bought from Iraq (I'll bet they have alot of that now). No, not the yellow cake you find in the store. This yellowcake "has no non-nuclear industrial use". Hmm, then I wonder what they were doing with it. I guess if we didn't invade Iraq, maybe we would have found out.

Miserable Failure
No, I'm not talking about this blog. I'm talking about the google bomb to link President Bush's bio page to the phrase 'Miserable Failure'. As far as I know Michael Moore's standing as the 3rd result hasn't changed. Yet. Hillary seems to be a popular choice too.

Interestingly enough the top hit for the word 'failure' is Moore's site. Go figure.

Politics, Politics
And if you got this far, here's your reward - the reason why John Kerry is leading in the polls. Simple - because (according to Zeitgeist) he is the most popular 'people' google query this week.

Speaking of google - do a search for dean and you would expect to find a link to Dean's campagn page. It's even the top hit. But look at the ads on the side. Yeah, go ahead, click the ad for Wesley Clark. Click it alot. Make google money.

Blogger Stuff
It seems that everyone hasn't fallen off the bandwagon. Jesse finaly updated his blog. With a guest post.

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