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Week In Review

Now that we've competed the first week of 2004, let me say 'Happy New Year' and let's take a look at that fist week.

With everything from landing the Mars rover to President Bush being compared to Hitler (again), Brittany spears getting (sorta) married, and the legalization of illegal immigrants it's looking like it'll be a pretty interesting year.

The Last Frontier
This week saw the landing of the Mars rover, along with the announcement that the President will announce (am I the only who finds that a bit silly) that NASA will pursue another mooning landing - along with building a mars base - and work towards a maned mars mission in 10 years. Of course the rover has a better internet connection than I do. (Thanks for sharing that Gabe.)

Hiel Stupidity
The two ads comparing Bush to Hitler made the news - but probably not the way they would have liked to. And then they turned around and blame the RNC for the bad publicity. Looks like it'll be an interesting election year.

Now That's what I'm Talking About
Speaking of election year - Sean Hannity promised the 'best election coverage you'll find anywhere' on his show this Monday. Later in the week Glenn Beck featured the 'candidate of the day' - some migrant electrician who's running for the Democratic nomination, he's got himself on the ticket in one state - and followed it with, 'Now that's compressive election coverage, you find that on any Sean Hannity show.' He he he...this could get interesting. Not sure if Sean responded.

Borders, Language, Culture
Bush asked congress to legalize illegal immigrants that have jobs. This move seems to have angered some strong conservatives. (Duh) I say, give it a little while. It's not granting citizenship - in fact it's not even helping them become citizens. We still reserve the ability to expel them - and it's limited to 3 years (for now).

If you're going to do something about the flow of illegal immigrants, you have to do something about the ones already here. The proposed plan would give incentive for a great deal of them to become 'documented'. Lowering the number of undocumented illegals would allow a greater focus on those that stayed 'undocumented'. (Hmm...wonder why they would want to do that?) If this is done in conjunction with strengthening border security, this could be a workable solution to the illegal immigration problem. I'm just saying - give it a chance, wait until we see how it all fits together.

Look Who's Getting...Never mind
A few hours after marrying her childhood friend, M(r)s(s). Brittney Spears filed for annulment because they, "did not know each others likes and dislikes..." Funny how you can know someone all your life, but after being married to them for a few hours...

But on the bright side - this put 'britney spears' in second place for 'Gaining Queries' on google. Right inbetween 'nasa' and 'mars'.

Own Some Google
Google's going public. Finaly. And speaking of failed relationships - Yahoo! announced that it will stop using Google as it's primary search provider. Hmm...timing?

Ahh yes, a new year...

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