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Yeah - but who uses it anyway?

And on an unrelated note - ya'll should tell Eric to post his waterfall photos somewhere. They be rather nice. ;-)

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Hmmm, I knew they were getting better.

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The Birds

Wow - it's been busy. Hopefully I'll get the chance to finish up the chain of comments on Roy Moore. But until then...

Do yourself a favor and download two birds at one site. Firebird, and Thunderbird. Yeah - I know - the two hardest apps to switch would be your e-mail reader and your web browser. But give it a try, I'm using TBird on my laptop for mail and for IMAP users it easily beats Outlook in the IMAP functionality arena.

And it looks like I should do myself a favor and clean my room while Firebird is downloding.

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Small Blast

Worried about that nasty blaster worm? (Yeah, I know Lloyd - you've never had a virus.) Forget the Windows patch - just turn the DCOM system off. Here's how.

And ain't Gibson's software nice? 28.5k. That's it. He actually writes windows software in assembler. Yeah - that's one sick man - but at least he knows it.

Spy Stuff

Ever run into spyware? (I must say I've never really had a problem with that.) Had to do some research on it today for a client. Langa always has good stuff. And this online dection script seems pretty cool.

[BTW - the sole purpose for this post is so I can get to these links throughout the day.]

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Before The Test, Clear Your Search History

Seeing as school has either already started - or soon will be starting - I thought this recent addition to Google's functions would be found useful.

Ever found yourself running Windows Calculator when you need to figure out 2+2? Here's a faster way - use google. Yep that's right. It's even faster if you have the toolbar. Just stick 2+2 in the search box - here's what ya get.

Some Examples
half a cup in teaspoons
(G * mass of earth) / (radius of earth ^ 2)
(G * mass of earth) / (radius of earth ^ 2)

Haven't got the 'other number systems' to work, and it won't solve equations yet (not sure if they're gonna make it do that) - but it's still pretty cool.

Of course this is cool too.

And that ad thing - it don't always work right.

"The online edition of The New York Post, which is owned by the News Corporation, ran an article last month about a murder in which the victim's body parts were packed in a suitcase, and Google served up an ad for a luggage dealer."

And don't worry - I'm not gonna turn this blog into this.

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