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Meet Joe Boxer

The quasi-mysterious 'Joe Boxer' has recently started a new blog perhaps in hope of moving from just simply commenting on the blogs to becoming a member of the bandwagon himself.

If you're wondering who this 'Joe Boxer' is you're not alone. It started with simply commenting on a blog entry and using a pseudonym. Usually it's easy to tell who's behind the comment because of their writing style. However Joe did a good job at modifying his writing style so as not to be identified.

Having presented that explanation of the persona 'Joe Boxer', you may now realize why there has been some curious discussion about who Joe really was. Let me embellish a bit more quoting from a now deleted blog entry from Chris (deleted do to a rather moronic comment from a rather moronic person):

"For those of you who may not know who this person is, Joe Boxer is a frequenter of this blog and many of the other blogs of people that I know. He has prided himself in making stupid, insulting comments, not so much on this blog (yet) but on the blogs of people like Jesse, Tim, Eric, and Andrew."

I'm not sure if Joe saw that post before it was removed, but either way he has now thrown down the gauntlet. Any one up to guessing his identity? You can look through some comments and try to piece the puzzle together. And perhaps he'll start giving us clues.

The game is afoot. I wonder who will be the first to prove the identity of Joe boxer.

Oh, and by the way - I already know. And have proof. Good try Joe.

[Update: I will reveal the identity of Joe Boxer at 9:15 tomorrow evening. He he he. Until then - have fun guessing.]

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