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To everyone. jdbgmgr.exe is not a virus. It's just a harmless little Java debugger. No, I don't know why it has a bear icon. You want proof it's not a virus? Here's proof. And more proof.

For future reference – if there's a known virus, McAfee and Norton do detect it – just update you virus definitions. I mean, what do you think would happen? “Oh, look there's a new virus and out scanners don't detect it. Let's not update our definitions to find it.” C'mon, you can find it by doing a search, and the guys who develop the algorithms for heuristic scanning can't find it? I think not. And yeah – they knew about the virus before the person who forwarded that message to you did. They get paid to know.

So don't believe the friend who got it from a friend who heard from a friend who's second cousin's grandma's bridge club partner had her whole computer and the disks lying near it erased. Not to mention her CDs scratched, and her goldfish died, and...

[Note: This post was done in a spirit of humor. Please don't hate me 'cause I'm right. I just find it funny how much trust is placed in a mass forwarded e-mail. Enough to start deleting files from your computer? At that point you're the virus, and your the one spreading the virus. Think about it.]

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Was clicking around google - I do that every once and a while to see what new things they've come up with - and found, yes, some interesting stuff. Real stuff. I think I'm gonna get me one of these. Why? 'Cause it looks cool.

Google Answers seems to be doing rather well. When they start accepting researcher applications again I think I may send one in.

Probably the most well received form of online advertisement is Google 'Ad Words'. Well, they've just got better. Now your site can benefit from the concept of non-obtrusive, content related ads. Yep - now the ads aren't just based on search keyword, they're based on the content of your page.

In my googleing travels I stopped by Froogle and did this search. I may need to buy a few of those. I'm running low on my supply.

The newest thing from the Labs is Google Compute - a part of the Toolbar. And if you don't have the new beta yet - you should. If only for the pop-up blocking features.

And if you're using a Cell Phone or PDA there's Google Wireless. Or you could just call them. Whatever.

[Update: Personal Sites can not participate in the new Google Ad Sense program. Arg.]

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Comments Revisited

I got it. Lloyd and Harry, and their new friend Peety are commenting - you ready for this - because they don't have a blog. Hmmm. They are vicariously 'posting' to their 'blog' by commenting on my posts, on my blog. Maybe they should write their own blog (I'm talking about the back-end here) with Microsoft products. ;-) The challenge has been given.

Let's see if the three can do it. Or if they'll just comment on this post. I'm guessing the latter.

[And in other news - Re:Lloyd from Microsoft's post. Easiest way to tell if your copy of Windows is legal. At least if you're running XP - go to the Help menu in explorer, select 'Is this copy of Windows legal?'. Warning: Not for the weak of heart. Help stop software piracy. It's commandment number 8. Yeah that applies to software too.

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I'm thinking about blocking a few IP addresses (or perhaps a few IP address ranges) - specifically those of 'Harry' and 'Lloyd'.

Okay - so I'll admit - I'm not the best speller. And I haven't been running the last few posts few star office's spell checker. But c'mon,let's look at this objectively folks - it's sorta my style, ya know? And know I can't really go back and make the corrections, 'cause then the comments wouldn't make sense.

At least I know how to use HTML (maybe a <br> or a <p> tag somewhere 'Harry'?) in my posts. Oh - and I actually have something on my site. He he he...

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Day 2 & 3

Well, things are coming along swimmingly! (just wanted to use that phrase) Anyway - haven't starved yet. Of course there's still 2 1/2 days left - who knows what could happen.

Been trying to code a bit. Been having coders block though. Maybe if I used a Microsoft product things would go better. Nah. 8-p

Oh well, soon time for dinner - and I'm afraid it's my turn to make it. Arg. Lunch - must remember lunch before dinner.

[He he. Dad offered to make dinner. Of course I already cleaned the meat for him - I guess it's an even trade.]

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Day 1

6:14 AM
Yes it's early. Just left mom and Jesse off for camp. Hey - this ain't that bad.

6:16 AM
Yes it is. What do I do? Where do I go? What do I eat? I'm in trouble.

12:21 PM
Just talked with mom and Jesse - they were at a rest stop eating lunch. Mom reminded me that I should also have lunch and that there's food in the refrigerator. You see that's what I'm worried about - there's so much to remember. I don't think I can handle this...

5:09 PM
It's official - we've lost all cell phone contact. Arg. Lunch. Remember lunch.

11:57 PM
Okay, made it through the day. Even dinner went well. Pull it out of the freezer, stick it in the oven. Oh, and take it out. Gotta remember that.

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Fear and Trepidation

My brother and my mom are leaving for camp tomorrow. That means for one week it's just me and dad. What will happen.

It's Survivor Bachelors

We're on our own. Will we survive? I'll be keeping you posted.

[Note, I spelled 'trepidation' correctly on the first try. I'm impressed. You should be too.]

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It's been a busy week. Didn't find any work on this week, but have been busy with a video editing project. It look like it'll be perty good. I hope.

Also found some rather cool Trillian plugins. Like the Eliza AI plugin. If you IM me and get a weird response - it's probably that. I need to edit the AI data file before actually using it though.

Hope to be doing some PHP coding this weekend. That'll mean potential additions to the site. You know, stuff to make it actually...useful. :-)

And yes, even during my busy week, I've been able to hear the news of the day. No there's some blathering moron...hmmm...that's not going to work well. Lets try that again. Now there's some moron blathering about impeachment. Gimme a break! You'de think he lied in court or something.

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Book 'em.

All right - now I can write my book!

Umm...anyone have any ideas...?

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Good Idea. Bad Idea.

I can't believe this. Or maybe I can.

I mean - will there be a voter keygen. Or maybe a multivote hack. Do they really think that this is more secure than what we have now?

What do you think? Voter fraud already exisits. (Did you know dead people can vote? No, really, they can. Once for every year they've been dead. If you want you can save up the years for a real importaint election.) So will this make fraud harder? Or eaiser?

Oh yeah, and the mass confusion in Florida. Just wait until this rolls out. We all know that a paper ballot is soooo confusing. What'll people do when they have

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