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Please note. Help stop verb-direction phrase piracy. If you (YOU) decide to use Microsoft verb-direction phrases (hereto after referred to as VDP) - some of the more popular being, 'Sit Down', 'Stand Up', 'Move Over', and 'Keep Up' - make sure YOU have a valid license.

If you use a VDP in a conversation with more than one person, make sure that each person has at least a VDP multi-conversational license or a full VDP license. If the VDP is used in a one to many application (i.e. speaker to audience) only one license is needed.

If a VDP is used in conversation where one or more parties (YOUS) do not have a valid VDP license all YOUS will be held legally responsible.

Children (KIDS) under the age of 13 must have a parent or guardian with a valid VDP license.

If any part of this agreement (THIS) is not found legally binding Microsoft Lenny and Microsoft Johnnie will stop by YOUS house. THIS does not cover any other versions of VDP, nor does THIS cover international versions of VDP because of conjugation. VDP's may not be used in a fail safe, life support, or weapon system due to the inclusion of Sun Irregular Verbs.

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Google Beta

All right all of you who want me to update my blog (Kaysha). Here's the news of the day. (Well, it could have been the news of another day, but I just found out about it today, so I'm making it the news of this day, not another day, regardless of what day the news happened.)

We all know that the only real search engine is google, and that the only really usefull search toolbar is the google toolbar. (You did know that right?) It just got better.

How better? Pop-up blocking better.

Enjoy the link.

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Connect Up

Went to the Microsoft TS2 Windows 2003 Server event. Learned new phrases like, 'Connect Up', 'Share Out', 'Define Down', 'Building Out' along with other Microsoft phrases. I also got a copy of Windows 2003 server. Not bad. Something new to play with. I wonder how well it runs games? I guess I could find out. My brother's computer may need a new operating system. Whatdaya think?

[Let us give context. It was 'You can connect up to a server', 'When you share out a folder', 'When you define down permissions', 'If you're building out an application'. I'm sure you now see how easy it is to form Microsoft verb-direction phrases. But before you try, read the Microsoft verb-direction phrase EULA.]

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I'm on my way to a Microsoft thingy. Hopefully I'll get some free stuff. I hear they're giving away Windows 2003 Server. Maybe I could install it on the P3 400MHz downstairs. Maybe not...

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Dinner Update

The experiment was successful I think it was a rolled up pizza. Very interesting. Very good. Very gone.

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I asked my mom what's for dinner. She told me it was an experiment. No that's not bad her experiments are usually good. I'll keep you posted.

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For Gabe

[The following post is a tribute to Chris Gable. Even though it all happened to me.]

Today was a perty bad day. It started off okay, with my first official test of the new McGriddle. It was very good by the way. Ah, but after almost moving all our equipment to our new location, I came home hoping to have a nice evening. Well those hopes were dashed.

I stuck a move into the VCR to, well, watch it it made a funny sound and tried to eject the video. Yes, tried. I now have a movie stuck in my VCR. I don't know how to get it out. Should I smack it with a large flat object? Now I have one more reason to only rent DVDs.

Later I needed to burn a CD. After rejoicing that it was ready to go I realized that I had neglected to turn off Nero's 'simulate' option. Anyone know why I would want to simulate a burn? Oh, to make sure there's not a buffer underrun? To make sure the files can be transferred fast enough? To make sure that something won't go wrong during burning? I think not. Indeed, after a successful simulation our poor buffer got under run. So I tried again. One on those pesky 'failed to write leadout' problems. But determination paid off and after slowing the write speed to half that of the drive, everything worked fine. It's just now that I realized that I was trying to write at 48x when the CD-R was only certified at 40x. Was that my problem? Probably. Does knowing that make me feel better? No. why don't I connect to the internet? That's right, I don't because the modem in the Linux box downstairs has stopped responding. To everything. I know this isn't supposed to work, but reboot the system and everything's fine. Except instead of the normal connecting sound it just makes a high pitch beep and connects at 1200 (yes that's 1.2k) some of the time (the rest of the time it says there's not carrier). A couple more reboot fixes that and were connected at, wow, 24k. At least until it breaks again.

Then my brother calls. Yes, we live in the same house. Yes, we were both in the same house. Yes, it's pathetic. His computer won't boot, and the BSOD is displayed for all of 500ms. Seems (from what I can read after booting it 3 times) that there's something wrong with the boot sector. Or boot drive. I can't really read it.

So that was my bad day and now as I'm about to post, it is now tomorrow. I hope it's better than yesterday. Oh, and my backspace key is doing funny things and deleting a lot more than I want it too. Arg. Even when I don't push it.

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Creative SPAM

I am amazed by what people will use SPAM to advertise. Below is an e-mail that came to our (my company's) catch-all address. I've left everything pretty much intact, with links if for some reason you're interested. But I have one question. Are there people actually out there that would buy a septic product because of an e-mail?

Dramatically Increase The Life And Effectiveness of Your Septic System. Try SPC Septic Cleaner For Free By Clicking Here You'll keep your septic system free flowing as SPC breaks down large waste materials into smaller particles and liquids so that they pass quickly through your septic system. Visit our site and try it for free.

How 'bout this one? I'm sure there's hundreds of people just wanting to buy a whirligig, but they just don't know where to get one. The best part? Follow the link then right click on the page. You don't know how disappointed I was when I found that I couldn't steal their content.

We know you will enjoy our whirligigs. These delightful garden ornaments combine the finest craftsmanship in woodworking with the lastest technology in paints and hardware. Up to 33% off regular prices Buy as low as $ 19,95! Direct from the manufacturer. Usually offered at $ 29.95 each, the nationally advertised price.

Just the other day I was wondering how to make millions. To bad I gave up. 'Cause this e-mail explains how I can make money 24 hours a day 365 days a year investing in popcorn machines.

Have you ever seen a fully automated popcorn vending machine that allows your customer to insert a coin or coins and receive a bag of freshly cooked popcorn within a minute, complete with buttery topping and a choice of delicious flavorings?

Here is a unique opportunity to profit from healthy popcorn, the largest and the fastest growing segment of the snack food industry.

Low investment, the machine is self money generating. No need of your presence. You enjoy your present business or employment, the machine will earn for you 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year

For more information, visit our website at:

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Realization Reloaded

Okay, now there's more than two people who read this blog (yeah, it's something like three), and Jesse (yes, I still tell him to read this) has a site worth linking. Okay, maybe it's worth linking.

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The Blog

[The following contains Tim's recollection of one or more conversations. Please realize that they are a recollection and should not be considered a direct quote. Or, for that matter, an indirect quote.]

Tonight I was talking to someone. No, really I was. And she reads this blog. Yeah. That takes the grand total to three, or maybe even four people who read this. We're growing by leaps and bounds people. Anyway, this is what she said in reference to this blog.

"Your blog scares me."

Upon hearing this I did what any other person would do. I asked why.

"Because it's your thoughts."

Needless to say, I found the response quite amusing. It also caused me to think how I could continue the high standard that now seemed to be set. How could I ensure that this blog would continue to scare people. And do that in a manner similar to how it has been done. Then it happened. I talked to my brother. Actually, he talked to me.

"Hey, you need like a way to say stuff, and a way to see people's comments."

Update [Jesse - who I still have to tell to read the blog - says that he was much clearer. He says he said, "You need a comment area for your blog... and a way to view comments". Perhaps he did. I doubt it.]

"You mean I have to let people comment on my blog?"

He continued his argument by saying that all the good blogs allow comments. Unfortunately he couldn't name one that did. In fact every one that we could think of didn't but his suggestion made me realize the one thing that could continue the scariness. Your thought. Yes, I know. Truly scary.

I need to jump back into the commentless php code that does, well, whatever it does and add comment support. Hopefully this new level of scariness will be working by tomorrow. Until then, something truly scary (yes I know it's a good thing - I just find it scary) that's not my thoughts.

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