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Please note. Help stop verb-direction phrase piracy. If you (YOU) decide to use Microsoft verb-direction phrases (hereto after referred to as VDP) - some of the more popular being, 'Sit Down', 'Stand Up', 'Move Over', and 'Keep Up' - make sure YOU have a valid license.

If you use a VDP in a conversation with more than one person, make sure that each person has at least a VDP multi-conversational license or a full VDP license. If the VDP is used in a one to many application (i.e. speaker to audience) only one license is needed.

If a VDP is used in conversation where one or more parties (YOUS) do not have a valid VDP license all YOUS will be held legally responsible.

Children (KIDS) under the age of 13 must have a parent or guardian with a valid VDP license.

If any part of this agreement (THIS) is not found legally binding Microsoft Lenny and Microsoft Johnnie will stop by YOUS house. THIS does not cover any other versions of VDP, nor does THIS cover international versions of VDP because of conjugation. VDP's may not be used in a fail safe, life support, or weapon system due to the inclusion of Sun Irregular Verbs.

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