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24 in Real Life

Janeane Garofalo would not meet Rush Limbaugh and Lynne Cheney when they visited the set of 24, reports Entertainment Weekly. And by 'reports' I of course mean 'congratulates'. What else would you expect.

Garofalo plays the anti-Chloe on 24, and by that I of course mean she was hired to make both the other character and the other actress look better.

So good for her on keeping it real and not meeting Rush and Mrs. Cheney. That really shouldn't be surprising considering her stint on the blazingly successful Air America. And by blazingly I of course mean the flames from some horrific fire.

Just one question - if she wouldn't met with Limbaugh, what does she think about President Obama and Hugo Chavaz? And by think, of course I mean...well, let's not ask too much.

[Update: Related story, Janeane and Anderson Cooper have a lot in common. Via @deanpeters ]

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New York Trip

Using to 'live blog' a New York trip today. Watch the carnage here.

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Starting Fires

A recent report says that Firefox has more security holes than any other browser. Mozilla says their count is high, just because they're open about their bugs, unlike other browsers.

I say that Turbo Tax made me use Firefox (instead of Chrome) and Windows (instead of Ubuntu), and once taxes were done, it just so happened that I had a bunch of spyware.

Firefox - you had a good run.

Oh, look, shiny - Chrome.

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Google Profile

So, what's the future of the slowly evolving google profile? Right now it's kinda like an online business card, providing a link list and a contact form.

But then there's the photo stream. Interesting.

What's next? Adding all your 'feeds'? Will this be a kind of FriendFeed?

[Update: Mike Elgan's view on Profiles as Facebook killer.]

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When you need analytical and enhancement software to pass...

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Watch Out Bro!

From the BBC:

"We may have to think carefully about the way we deal with families with lots of boys."

You know, because sisters make people better and brothers make people worse. Well, I guess that explains this.

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New Blog

New blog to check out - check out the latest post on the impeding Ubunutu upgrade.

...and the choices always seem so difficult even though we’ve reasoned them down to a sensible choice six months ago with the previous release. The choices are back on the table and equally attractive with the advent of the shiny new technology just around the corner.
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Google Doc Download Link

Once in a google document, you can download different formats (text, html, open office, word, rtf) - but I had been looking for a way to link directly to a 'format' download.


Well, the AO response a month or so ago (our response to the Presidents address) was a rather long post, and I thought making it downloadable would be a nice touch. But linking to the google doc and instructing people to select "File | Download File As" didn't seem like a good solution. Downloading the file, then uploading it to AO's server, then creating a link to the upload seemed like way too much work (this is why I use google docs - less work).

So it didn't get done.

But now I've found this:[FORMAT]&docID=[ID]

I've setup a few clients with a little php script (and then translated it to asp - yikes!) that grabs the HTML from a published google doc and drops it into a static web page (take that javascript driven editable text boxes). Since I was grabbing the normal 'published' page, I had to parse out extra google HTML. Now I can update the script to get the HTML format download, and just pull the contents of the body tag.

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