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Just installed the beta for Firefox 2, the (X) for 'close' is now on the tabs, not all the way to the right. Have to avoid the habit of just clicking the (X) on the right. Lost a few good tabs that way.


Just discovered that it has a built-in spell check. Sweet.

Now just waiting for a built-in HTML editor for the <textarea> tag.

Tim Lytle [08/28/06 23:26:50] | 4 Comments | Point


Why do I need to install a Novell app to map a WebDAV folder in XP Pro!?!

Worked fine in Win2000, why can't I map it in XP?

Tim Lytle [08/28/06 20:13:41] | 1 Comment | Point

Keep'n An Eye On Things

Monday Night to Tuesday Night:
Watched every Rocky movie ever made. Five was pretty bad, liked one through four, not sure what six will be like (yes there's a six coming).

Pretty cool, a little smarter than watching a full season of 24 in less than 24 hours. Katie's seem 'em all before, this was my first time.

All in all, fun.

Wednesday Night:
Got home from Church, needed food. Made some pizza like stuff from Texas Toast and a variety of cheese. Watched 3 episodes of Feasting on Asphalt, then did a little packing. Then around 2 (in the morning), grabbed the laptop and headed off to Steak and Shake to split some onion rings and a shake while we watched the fourth and final episode of Feasting on Asphalt.

Watching a show about food at a diner - nice. Does it get better than this?

Tim Lytle [08/24/06 04:34:56] | 4 Comments | Point

Beta Wanted

I think I may need a few beta testers for a new e-mail discussion list server and online forum merger of sorts.

Lemme know if you're interested.

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What Can Brown Do?

If you're interested in video production, check out the Food Network show (on now) 'Feasting on Asphalt'. Alton Brown, who takes a different approach to food programming, has developed quite the interesting show. It has a fresh, kinda cool, look to it. 'Self handheld' shots, motorcycle helmet cams, narrative while on a bike shot from a follow car, all very cool.

And the whole feel is a very cinematic and bold.

[Yes, if you find video production techniques interesting, watch this series. If you want ideas for your next project, watch this series. If you are planning a road trip, and want to make your trip video more interesting then Uncle Ned's sideshows, watch this series.]

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Just ran across Gabbly working on a Vanilla project. I think the concept is kinda cool.

Open up a Gabbly window here.

So if I'm checking out Google Analytics (which is very cool), and can't quite figure out how to get the data I want - I could just open that url in Gabbly, and see there's someone to ask.

I think this could be kinda useful.

Tim Lytle [08/19/06 18:20:25] | 2 Comments | Point

Sun Set

Took a couple of photos of a Lake Ontario sunset, and ran 'em through autostitch to get a panoramac version. So here's the sunset - click to see the panoramic version.

Tim Lytle [08/18/06 22:37:24] | 2 Comments | Point


Yeah, check this out.

YouOS is a web based desktop, complete with the browser I'm using right now.

All applications are written using javascript.

It's a interesting idea. I can go to a different computer and finish up this post.

Not sure how practical it is. I'm thinking this could be great for students, just grab a computer and finish up that paper - no need to transfer the file, no need to VPN, just log on.

Tim Lytle [08/17/06 22:35:11] | 1 Comment | Point

Time To Live? it time for me to give up Trillian for the new Live Messenger?

Not sure if there's anyone on my contact list that doesn't use MSN.

I think the concept of MSN spaces is cool, but don't really see myself using that. I already have a blog. If I really wanted a photo gallery I could get one.

Can I set it up to show that my real blog (not spaces) has been updated?

(sigh) So many questions...

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Guess Where

Guess where I was tonight...

Didn't get a chance to go over to Canada, but that's okay - our falls are bigger anyway. Because we're American, and that's just the way we are. (Of course Canada's got rocks and trees, and trees and rocks, and rocks and trees, and trees and rocks, and rocks and trees, and trees and rocks, and rocks and trees and trees and rocks and...water.)

Never been to the falls before, glad to get a chance to see them - even better to see them with the one you love.

Tim Lytle [08/05/06 02:36:15] | 1 Comment | Point