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Carbonite Test

Got a three month trial of Carbonite from BzzAgent (side note, it'll be good just a few days past the wedding). It's a online backup service, has a free trial, and looks to be something like $50/year with no storage limit.

There are limits: Can't backup network drives, and can't have any files over 2GB.

Now my photos are on a network server, so no backup there (besides, I'm trying to get a rdiff-backup system to my big shared hosting account for that), but the big audio files that sit on my laptop because of recording? Yup, they's being transfered as I type.

I'll let you know how it all pans out - or test it yourself

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Real Review

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Phone Ping

Guess superphreak might find this interesting.

Ping from you cell phone, text 'ping' followed by the IP or domain name to '41411'.

Just play'n around with TextMarks.

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What A Life

The Kid just forced me to eat a Tums.

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Truth? Sure.

Guess winning an Oscar for 'An Inconvenient Truth' wasn't that great for Algore. It just prompted people to point out that his house uses more energy each month than an average household uses each year.

Oh, and it also made a 2001 article on the Crawford Ranch a story again. Turns out President Bush's Ranch is a low energy dream.

You thought you had an inconvenient truth before? Guess Algore found a new one, and it's even inconvenienter.

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