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Intersection of Ideas

You may find Rosenberg's latest post interesting - especially if you have the same convergence of interstes as I do. He posts on a party James Carville threw for the release of Vince Flynn's new book. Politics, Great Fiction, 24, and yeah, Miers all mixed together.

Oh, and Dobson's little 'insider' view of the nomination - it pushes me further away from liking it.

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Sure, Here's My Number

They're getting better or maybe it's worse, or just more pathetic:

Barclays Bank PLC. always looks forward for the high security of our clients. Some customers have been receiving an email claiming to be from Barclays advising them to follow a link to what appear to be a Barclays web site, where they are prompted to enter their personal Online Banking details. Barclays is in no way involved with this email and the web site does not belong to us.

Barclays is proud to announce about their new updated secure system. We updated our new SSL servers to give our customers a better, fast and secure online banking service.

Due to the recent update of the servers, you are requested to please update your account info at the following link.

I wonder how many people will bite on that one. "Hey, people that claim to be us are asking you to go to a web site and enter your acount info. Now go to a web site and enter your account info."

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A Charade?

According to the Internet Archive, Charade (1963 movie with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn) is in the public domain.

This film is public domain due to the failure to put the then required copyright notice in the released print.
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Dinner And A Story

The Kid should really blog about his FWT dinner tonight.

Sorta inspires an AO road tour.

Ah, next year.

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