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New York

Well, it's off to New York. Should get some nice photos at the lake. And should be relaxing. And should be cold. Ahh, guess I won't be swimming.

And for those interested in the server move - things seem to be falling into place quite well. The new server is up, running php and MySQL, and the mail server is working fine.

But won't be (hopefully) bothered with that stuff for the next few days.

[Note: The new server is running, but the site hasn't been transfered yet. That should happen early next week. I say this like it's importaint. Oh, and it's cold up here. Real cold. :-)]

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Toto? We're not in...

Ah...the sweet smell of secure shell in the evening.

Have just started transitioning my site from my current server to a new one. Decided to go with two servers. One allows some pretty advanced ssh access, the other has much more (and cheaper) space, and supports IMAP access.

Unfortunately do to the way each host wants to be keeping the DNS for hosted domains I can't use the same domain for both. So I got a new domain name for the IMAP server.

Go ahead - guess what it stands for. :-)

Just waiting for the DNS records to get updated - then things will start to move faster. (Although I am working on getting PHP/MySQL and the API I use installed on the web server).

Oh, and I do mean guess. Someone thought fldn stood for:

"flying legions of demonic nerds"

So take a stab at it. What's fldn stand for?

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Lost power a few minutes ago - came back on after a couple of seconds. The wierd thing is that the phone lines are dead. Now tell me, how many times have you had your phone lines go dead? I can remember maybe one time (other than this). Even if the power is out - the phones usually work.

I can get a dial tone sometimes if I hit the 'flash' button on the phone then a number. But after two seconds the tone goes away. I plugged a 'real' phone (ya know - one with a cord) in, bit there's no tone. I can dial a few numbers, but the power fades away.

Oh, so how am I connected to the internet? He he he . My laptops connected to my cell phone over the infared port, and the cell phone is acting like a standard modem to dial into my ISP. Well. It's like a standard 9600 modem. But it's a steady 9.6. I think. Hey - that's like half of what I usually get, so I'm not complaining. (At least not about the cell phone connection - my normal connection, that I'll complain about.)

The amazing thing is that this is the longest post in a least five posts. And it's about...well...nothing. And I'll bet I get a few comments too. (Don't fail me Lloyd, Harry, and Peety.)

And if you're wondering what the 'flash' button is, and why your phone has or doesn't have one of them. Too bad. Do a google and figure it out yourself.

(Hey, and while you're googling check and see if you're one of the few chosen to test out their new 'how many searches you do per day' counter thingy. It'll be at the bottom of their main page - I think.)

Okay, the 'flash' button stands for 'flash hook' which basically means you really quickly 'put' the phone 'on the hook' and then 'take' the phone 'off the hook'. Like hanging up and the picking up in less than a second. That's a way to get another line. And like start a conference call. I think. Or if you have call waiting to answer the other call. But since flash hook works on all phones (I think) maybe you could answer a call even if you didn't have call waiting. Of course you wouldn't know when the call was coming in. Of course I really don't know what I'm talking about, that's why I told you to find out. :-)

'Course one of them old time phone hackers (the ones that use pay phones for free since they have the dial tone pattern generator thing) - they'd know all about 'flash hook'.

Now the phones were set up for call forwarding before the line went dead. I wonder if it's still forwarding. I wonder if that has anything to do with the problem. I wonder why I'm up this late wondering about these things.

Major Update:
Just tried the phones again. Have a better chance of getting a dial tone now - but it's a wierd dial tone. Like it doesn't go away. You know how it's supposed to go away when you start dialing? Well it don't. And I can really dial out anywhere.

I guess tomorrow I'll go outside and see if I can get a tone at the box where the phone lines come in. That'll be exciting. I once hooked my laptop into that to see if the reason I get very slow internet connections was because of the house wiring. It wasn't. Still got a slow connection. Oh well.

Major Update 2:
Tried again. Still not working. Will update tomorrow. Maybe.

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Don't Rush Judgment

"You know I have always...

Don't have time to write down my thoughts on this, but this is worth reading.

And while you're there, take a look at what this man thinks about this topic.

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Got Google?

Google has found my site. I am happy. Site search doesn't work, but maybe 'twill happen in time. (nor does link to, or similar page functions)

[Arg! Just rememberd that google doesn't crawl get vars (the part of a URL past the '?') so my blog archives won't be indexed. Must change that. He he he.]

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Rush on Slate

Wow, at least one media outlet isn't overtly transparent when fairly criticized.

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Yeah - but who uses it anyway?

And on an unrelated note - ya'll should tell Eric to post his waterfall photos somewhere. They be rather nice. ;-)

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Hmmm, I knew they were getting better.

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The Birds

Wow - it's been busy. Hopefully I'll get the chance to finish up the chain of comments on Roy Moore. But until then...

Do yourself a favor and download two birds at one site. Firebird, and Thunderbird. Yeah - I know - the two hardest apps to switch would be your e-mail reader and your web browser. But give it a try, I'm using TBird on my laptop for mail and for IMAP users it easily beats Outlook in the IMAP functionality arena.

And it looks like I should do myself a favor and clean my room while Firebird is downloding.

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Small Blast

Worried about that nasty blaster worm? (Yeah, I know Lloyd - you've never had a virus.) Forget the Windows patch - just turn the DCOM system off. Here's how.

And ain't Gibson's software nice? 28.5k. That's it. He actually writes windows software in assembler. Yeah - that's one sick man - but at least he knows it.