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Make $$$ With GOOGLE!!!

Ever seen those sites that'll sell you some system to 'make money just using google ads'? We'll Business 2.0 ran an article on how you can do that.

The basic jist is join product referral programs, then pick ads to point to those products. Get the right mix of clicks to conversion - make some money.

I'll see if I can find the article online.

[UPDATE: Here it is, The Merchant of Margaritaville .]

"As a rule of thumb, I start my keyword bid at about 10 percent of the commission amount, which usually puts my ad in the top three spots of the ad column. In this case, I got my desired position for the phrase “Complete Far Side” for a mere 35 cents per click. In the best case, 10 percent of Web surfers who come across my ad will click on it, and 10 percent of those will buy the book. This meant that for each $5 commission I received, I paid roughly $3.50 to Google and pocketed $1.50. Larson’s book took off, and in two months I sold hundreds of copies via my ad."
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The AO Effect

Just days after publishing my concerns about the nomination, Miers has withdrawn.

I guess we are making a difference.

But seriously, it's nice to see some concession for the conservatives, instead of by them.

Wonder who'll be picked next.

Guess next week they'll be adopting AO's education solution.

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Double Sided

Don't usually plug my AO articles here - but if you're looking to understand both sides of the Miers issues (at least two of the conservative sides), check out Gabe's article in last issue, and mine in this issue.

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Flip Book

Also saw in-tunnel advertising when we took the PATH back to Jersey.

Pretty cool.

[UPDATE: I found the people who do that, the company is Submedia - catchy name.]

To see the display take the E train from Penn Station New York downtown to the end of the line. Follow signs in the station to the PATH trains and take PATH from the World Trade Center to Exchange Place. Right as the train is pulling into Exchange Place on the left hand side is the 15 second long ad.
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Just got back from the PhotoPlusExpo. Pretty cool. Got some free stuff. And some inside info.

More later...

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Lite Bulb

Just heard a local radio news guy talk about the 'mez-na' test this weekend.

Hmm...did he mean Mensa?

I know who's not thier newest member.

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My network share ran out of space, and (I guess) Trillian couldn't save the buddy XML file. So I lost all my Meta Contacts. Earg!

I have no idea why I posted this.

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Easy 10K

Hey, there's someone I'd like you to meet.

Not quite the you're standard approach? But in some ways it seems Biblical. Isn't there some passage where something like this happens?


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Here's a very cool touch pad concept.

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Keep Talking

Whew, now that Dobson told us what his insider information was, wow, I'm really feeling better about it.

"So, Karl Rove shared some of that with me. He also made it clear that the President was looking for a certain kind of candidate, namely a woman to replace Justice O’Connor. And you can imagine what that did to the short list. That cut it..."

"Well, what Karl told me is that some of those individuals took themselves off that list and they would not allow their names to be considered, because the process has become so vicious and so vitriolic and so bitter, that they didn’t want to subject themselves or the members of their families to it."

Yeah, that makes me feel tons better.

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